Who are we

Buy and sell of vintage watches


Watches83 is formed by Silvia Fernández and Sigfrid Querol, a married couple settled in Barcelona. After more than 30 years collecting and exchanging watches in the different collectors and vintage watch platforms, we decided in May 2015 to create our own sales channel: Watches83.com

We want you to enjoy our website. We will be happy to answer any questions or suggestions that may arise.


Silvia, Advertising Manager within the Audio Visual market, provides the logistical and operational structure of Watches83. She is in charge of accounting, referencing watches, managing shipments and supervising all the services of our pieces: she is the bridge between Watches83 and our Watchmaking Workshop.

“Obviously, as in any business project, the objective is that our business model is viable. That implies the need to make profitable all the pieces that we buy and sell, but not everything goes. Our code of values obliges us to provide support before and after the purchase process as well as to solve any mishap that might arise in after sales, which as we all know in the world of the vintage clock, the risk is higher than in the modern watch ”

Sigfrid, the other 50% of Watches83, is a Artist painter and creative by profession. He started in the world of the vintage clock more than 30 years ago in the hands of his father. He is responsible for the watch catalog that appears in Watches83. He decides to buy and sell. It also takes care of the Communication: content, design, photographs, social networks, merchandising ...

“The world of the vintage watch, much to our regret, sometimes sins, of being a closed and elitist world, reserved only for a few. Our will is to break that reality by giving access to the vintage clock to all kinds of pockets. We intend to mainstream this passion. We offer watches from 60€ designed for those who start in this fever vintage watch as well as more exclusive pieces with prices only suitable for a few ”.

Assistance and proximity service looking for our clients to feel that there is someone on the other side.

Collect interesting and exclusive pieces for all pockets and customer typologies.